Adopting a dog is a meeting of the heart as well as of the mind. It is a lifetime commitment to an animal that will be your loving companion and your best friend.

To view our adoptable dogs that are in Texas please visit our Adopt A Pet link here:

We also have a North East "hub" with our two co-leaders Lia and Michelle. We are now transporting adoptable dogs to the North East. You can either request for a Texas dog to be transported directly to you as an Adopter or we do occasionally send some to Fosters. The list of dogs that are currently in New York are at this link:

Starting in July 2021, we opened up a Wild West-Coast "hub" with our co-leader Andrea. You can either request for a Texas dog to be transported directly to you as an Adopter or we do occasionally have some in Foster homes already in the Wild West. 

The list of dogs that are currently in the West Coast (some are in Cali and some Colorado) are at this link:

Please note we are a foster based rescue so if you are interested in meeting a dog it is by appointment only once we have received back an application and have conducted a phone interview. We are not a shelter and do not have "one location" for you to meet all of our dogs. So in order to meet, we need to coordinate with our fosters and find a suitable location/time to meet. We do also require home visits but if due to restrictions we ask for you to at least send pictures of your house/yard.

If you are interested in adopting a dog fill out the below application and email to us at






We have a few dogs that are not deemed "adoptable" yet whether it's because they need to get spayed/neutered, undergo HW treatment or any other medical/behavioral needs. However, we are always open to a foster to adopt. Below are a few of our soon to be adoptable dogs that are not yet listed on Adopt- A- Pet.

topgun litter2.jpg

Charlie & Top Gun Litter


This beauty was found with her litter of puppies in an evacuated home... she was very protective of her babies in the blistering Houston heat. Good Samaritans acted quick and our amazing fosters stepped up to help her! Her 6 babies are doing amazing and momma is learning trust. 


The Olde English Litter

Olde English/ Shepherd

Cuteness overload! These precious babies are accepting applications. Mom is a GSD and dad an Olde English Bulldog!


Mother Nature

Germand Shepherd

Mother Nature had her 4 beautiful babies on 8/10 the night of a hard storm that came through West Houston area. These precious babies are doing well and will be available in 6-9 weeks for foster to adopt!