Occasionally we get a dog into our program that is considered "harder to adopt out" whether it is due to behavior or medical needs. They each have a story and still deserve a safe, loving home. We will still consider adopting them out if we find a home that can also care for their needs, if you're interested please reach out to us by filling out an application (found on the "Adopt" page).

We are always looking for fosters who would be willing to care for a Sanctuary Dog as well... if you can open up your home to one please reach out to us! All expenses are covered by us. 




Simba was an owner surrender because they couldn't care for his medical needs. He had an old injury in his hind and back that was causing him to chew his leg and tail raw. Our amazing foster agreed to take him in and we helped him with Lazer Therapy. He's doing amazing, walking great and can be adopted out to the right home who is willing to continue his care. 


Pyr/Aussie Mix


After being returned from an Adopter, Charm lost all trust in strangers. We don't know what happened.....

She would only let Tammy and Julia near her. Over time she is starting to warm up to regular visitors but if anyone new comes by she will keep her distance by waiting and watching from the woods until the stranger leaves. It has become apparent that she's found her home where she feels save... on the SugarHill Ranches!

Jetta or "Gumby"

Great Dane Mix


Jetta is a sweet beautiful, gentle giant. She’s special needs because she moves "freely" due to hip dysplasia... she was born without hip sockets... she shows no signs of pain and actually is just more flexible in her movement! We call her our fun filled Gumby.... or maybe Pokey?

Unfortunately we also believe she was overbred and caged up before we got her as she is scared of almost everything. She’ll run and hide at every "new" movement. She’s definitely learned love and trust and is now a care free happy go lucky girl in her Sanctuary Home. 

Stan the Man

Heeler Dachshund


Stan the Man knows his name!! He was rescued out of Harris County as an owner surrender but the owner clearly neglected him... he was HW positive, intact and full of fear aggession. 

It's sad to see how much love he wishes he could give but it takes a long time to earn his trust. He listens and watches to everything you ask of him... once he knows you it's almost as if you can have a conversation with him like a person.


He's now friendly and loving at his foster home but if you take him away his insecurity and anxiety spikes. His anxiety gets so bad that he itches and sometimes even shakes uncontrollably. Needles to say, he knows his "safe place" so he's happy at his Sanctuary Home. 

Tinkerbell "Tink"

Dachshund Mix


Tink was picked up from the shelter in Fort Bend County. Belles Buds pulled her from the shelter thinking she was either pregnant or full of worms. Well, turns out it was 120 hair ties! During the exam and her spay surgery, they also found out she has a hole in her heart. Her life expectancy was anywhere from six months to only a few years. Our amazing Belles Buds foster has taken her home as a Sanctuary Dog. 

Uncle Spuds

Bull Terrier


Everyone loves Spuds! He was found "running" down a busy street when a biker started following him close behind to keep him from getting hit by a car. One of our Belles Buds supporter was passing by when they saw this and stopped to ask if he needed help. They called us and we agreed to help. 

He was covered in mange, the vet described him as a "Seven year old in a 15 year old body". 

He spent two more years happily living on the farm and we called him "Uncle Spuds" as he was the best uncle to all of our foster puppies! Unfortunately on February 12, 2021 he was laid to rest due to Prostate Cancer.  




This sweet Oversized Doxie was owner surrendered at 13 years old. An amazing foster has stepped up as a Dachshund Sanctuary for him and his brother Armani. 




This sweet Doxie was owner surrendered at 13 years old. An amazing foster has stepped up as a Dachshund Sanctuary for him and his brother Leo.