Belles Buds takes pride in the fact that we work closely with trainers. We have a handful of dogs that have graduated or are currently in board and train that are available to you.


Below are a few of our dogs currently in training with Forthebirds Farm. 



Pittie mix

Lola is typical young pup.... High energy, loves to be active... she is good with other dogs that aren’t insecure- she is an opportunist and tries to be dominant if allowed- if you correct her she quits and she’s fine.



Pyrenees Mix

Gretchen is a sweet loving girl but likes to get away with things and can act alpha around some dogs. 



Lab/Shepherd Mix

Lily was tied to a chain in Brookshire... we believe she had limited socialization as she can be reactive to some people and dogs. With proper introduction she's been a fabulous girl!