Belles Buds takes pride in the fact that we work closely with trainers. We have a handful of dogs that have graduated or are currently in board and train that are available to you.


Below are a few of our dogs currently in training with Forthebirds Farm. 




Bunny is an absolute love!!! She’s full of fun, energy and food motivated! She’s 1.5 years old, 55 lb Belgian Malinois! If you're looking for that Mal that you want to train and build that bond with, this is her! She picks her human and shows her loyalty! She was very timid and scared when we first got her so would still need to be patient to teach her what the world is like, but it doesnt take long for her to be comfortable with you. She absolutely loves car rides too! She's now officially in one month of training with ForTheBirdsFarm!




T-Bone is a great dog but has severe crate anxiety. Our amazing trainer is working on his separation anxiety and has had a lot of success so far!



Lab Mix

Tara likes to be bossy around some dogs, at this time we do not recommend her around little dogs, but seems to be doing great with other dogs at Danikas. 



Pittie Mix

Dice is collar reactive and can get mouthy when told what to do (not in an aggressive way but more pouty like a 2 year old kid having a temper tantrum). 



Shepherd Mix

Angel is a great gal! Not recommended around cats but seems to be doing amazing in just the short few weeks with Danika!