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Several dogs have come into our lives but have unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge. They will forever be in our hearts. 



The one who started it all! Belle had the most caring personality... won everyone's heart that crossed her path. She changed the lives of many people AND dogs who we lost December of 2017 and led Tammy & Julia in forming Belle's Buds Rescue by April of 2018. 


Jasmine "Jazzy"

Jazzy came to us June 2021… her mouth was completely infected and her teeth were falling out... we didn't think we'd have her for long … she was already deemed 12-13 years old at that time … but after an emergency dental and only 4 teeth remaining… she was like a new girl... she LOVED toys, food and snuggles! Being in rescue we come across a lot of dogs but this girl definitely touched many hearts and was very special and dear to us. Unfortunately on January 4, 2024 she crossed the rainbow bridge. She had a mass on her liver and her cancer had spread too much, too fast. She touched so many lives and brought us so much joy. 



Red lived on the "Sugar Hill Ranches" for years before Belles Buds was "born"... but he slowly adopted us! After years of building trust, BBR was finally able to catch him and get him neutered in 2020... and ever since then he realized "if you can't beat them, join them" because he sure has become Domesticated... he will now let anyone pet him and even more recently (November 2022) has finally decided going INSIDE the home is a-okay too!!!

On May 25, 2023 Red was laid to rest as his health was decreasing. He is now running free watching over the SugarHill!



Ruby aka "Baby" trophied as the hunter of the crew! Rescued the same time as Lola, has stuck by Tammy's side since the start. Accepting new fosters, puppies, even with her fake "devil smile"... she was a master of bringing home the gophers too!

Unfortunately we lost Baby December of 2022. You will be missed sweet girl... run free with Daren and Belle!



Julia's first dog since college stuck by her side and taught her so much over the years. Despite wanting to be numero uno he accepted all new fosters and pups with a big "sigh". As long as he got to swim in a pool, no matter the COLD weather, he was a happy carefree guy!

Sadly Bandit lost his battle to lung cancer April of 2022. 



This amazing old gal is Geo..
Her story is like so many.. Her elderly owners didn’t have a plan in place. So she and her dog siblings ended up in the shelter.. Thankfully Animal Rescue Kingdom got them out of the shelter.. her siblings have been adopted and we decided we want to give her a forever home here with us!! This girl is loving life on the Belles Buds Sanctuary especially her obsession of toys!

On May 25, 2023 our beautiful girl was laid to rest.


Uncle Spuds

Everyone loves Spuds! He was found "running" down a busy street when a biker started following him close behind to keep him from getting hit by a car. One of our Belles Buds supporter was passing by when they saw this and stopped to ask if he needed help. They called us and we agreed to help. 

He was covered in mange, the vet described him as a "Seven year old in a 15 year old body". 

He spent two more years happily living on the farm and we called him "Uncle Spuds" as he was the best uncle to all of our foster puppies! Unfortunately on February 12, 2021 he was laid to rest due to Prostate Cancer.  



Duncan.. He is handsome and independent but a total hoot! Due to some unfortunate circumstances led him to be homeless in his Senior years. He had been part of a family…We struggle to understand after all this time why he was let go.. We are so glad we were able to find and rescue him! Our amazing Belles Buds foster Korri has taken him in as a Sanctuary Dog to live out his Golden Years. 

Unfortunately the difficult decision to let him cross the Rainbow bridge was made and Duncan was laid to rest on May 18, 2023. Rest in Peace Duncan.



Gizmo was an owner surrender who neglected to properly care for him at his old age... he was in severe pain when we first got him, after his vet visit it was determined that he has bad lumbosacral junction in his lower back. With the help of StoneSide and lazer therapy he improved significantly. 

After a year of pain management he was then diagnosed with a mass tumor on his tongue and an ACL tear. Unfortunately the difficult decision to let him cross the Rainbow bridge was made on 4/25/2022. May our sweet Gizmo Rest in Peace. 

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