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Occasionally we get a dog into our program that is considered "harder to adopt out" whether it is due to behavior or medical needs. They each have a story and still deserve a safe, loving home. Below is a list of our amazing Sanctuary Dogs who have found their forever homes at either the Belles Buds Sanctuary or with our amazing BBR fosters. 

We are always looking for fosters who would be willing to care for a Sanctuary Dog as well... if you can open up your home to one please reach out to us! All expenses are covered by us. 


Jasmine or "Jazzy"

Jasmine is an amazing girl at her old age... She was an owner surrender, the owner was in hospice and the family members couldn't take care of her so they reached out to us for help. Her mouth was in horrible shape when we first got her (severely infected) so we did emergency dental where she lost all but 4 of her teeth. She's now happily living her life at the Belles Buds Sanctuary loving food, snuggles and occasional car rides! And oh does this girl love toyssss!!!

xena tilt.jpg


Sweet Xena was abandoned by her "owner" who was a student at Prairie View A&M that had left her behind when she went home over Holiday break. Animal control picked her up and after her "hold" was up Belles Buds knew we needed to help! Little did we know that she'd fit right in and have found her happily forever after at the Belles Buds Sanctuary. 



After being returned from an adopter, Charm lost all trust in strangers. We don't know what happened.....

She would only let Tammy and Julia near her. Over time she is starting to warm up to regular visitors but if anyone new comes by she will keep her distance by waiting and watching from the woods until the stranger leaves. It has become apparent that she's found her home where she feels safe on the Belles Buds Sanctuary Ranch!


Jetta or "Gumby"

Jetta is a sweet beautiful, gentle giant. She’s special needs because she moves "freely" due to double hip dysplasia... vets believe she was born without hip sockets... she shows no signs of pain and actually is just more flexible in her movement! We call her our fun filled Gumby.... or maybe Pokey?

Unfortunately we also believe she was overbred and caged up before we got her as she is scared of almost everything. She’ll run and hide at every "new" movement. She’s definitely learned love and trust and is now a care free happy go lucky girl in her Belles Buds Sanctuary Home. 


Stan the Man

Stan the Man knows his name!! He was rescued out of Harris County as an owner surrender but the owner clearly neglected him... he was HW positive, intact and full of fear aggression. 

He's now friendly and loving at his foster home but if you take him away his insecurity and anxiety spikes. Needless to say, he knows his "safe place" so he's happy at his Belles Buds Sanctuary Home. As of October 2022 he's officially Heartworm Negative going through the Slow Treatment!



Georgie is one of 27 Pyrenees rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgetown, Texas. We split with several other Rescues across Texas to help save them. Georgie is the most protective of the three living on the Belles Buds Sanctuary Ranch. She will alert the others if a strange animal approaches. She's slowly coming around to the Humans as well and actually letting a few pet her! Especially her favorite human Jeanne (Tammy's mom!)



Max is another one of the 27 Pyrenees rescued from the hoarding situation in Georgetown. Max is the friendliest of the three! He hangs out with the other dogs, lets the puppies crawl all over him, and will let people pet him (especially if there are treats involved!)



Goliath is another one of the 27 Pyrenees rescued from Georgetown. Goliath is the biggest "baby" of the three living on the Belles Buds Sanctuary Ranch. He will be the last one you see as he prefers to hide out underneath the barn, in the feed room, or in front of the air condition in his "private suite" in the Garage. 

dax 2.jpg


Dax the "chi-devil" came to Belles Buds from Waller County Animal Control She has quickly chosen her humans and does not want anyone else nearby as she does NOT like strangers coming over haha! 



Cayenne was also an "original" save out of Third Ward... brought home in June 2018 shortly after BBR was founded in April 2018. She was originally dubbed the garbage girl as her mouth reaked of trash... haha! She had quickly blended in and stolen Julia's heart and is here to stay! 



Kage was formerly one of the "Midnight Pups" litter. This goofy, thick boy has blended in so well at the Ranch that there was no way we could let him leave the Sanctuary! He's so funny with his slow "zoomies"... if you see him run you can't help but get a smile on your face!



Sigh Simon - the untouchable - has been with us since November 2020 and still doesn't like human touch. He LOVES to play with the other dogs and will curl up on top of his foster fur-siblings (especially his BFF Jetta). Ironically, he often thinks 'he's big man on campus' when new fosters come in... He simply doesn't want to be pet or held by a human.  



Puffers or "Hot Rod" was brought to Belles Buds "mistakenly" when a transporter was picking up a litter of puppies but the finder threw him in too! No regrets though.... as this boy has found his home at the Belles Buds Sanctuary! He unfortunately had been shot in the leg AND had an ACL tear so the vet recommended amputation. Our little tripod boy is loving life at the Belles Buds Sanctuary! 


Dandy (Dandelion)

Dandy was one of our original "saves"... when BBR was first getting established Tammy and Julia were also fostering for other rescues including Houston K911 (THE inspiration to start BBR, thank you Anna!)


Lily and her three flower pups were being fostered by Tammy &Julia... two of the pups were adopted and ready for transport to Washington but Lily (mom) and Dandy (pup) were held back... Lily because she had heartworms and still needed treatment (who has since been adopted by our amazing President of the Board... and Dandy because she still had a bad case of Demodex Mange. The Ladies at BBR asked Houston K911 if they could transfer the two into BBR ... little did we know that Dandy would stay here forever as she is Panda and Xena's therapy dog! Hah!



We jokingly say he adopted Tammy... he lived on the Sugar Hill Ranches going back and forth between homes but after a few months realized that he had found his home on the Belles Buds Sanctuary... Prince Perro now has his own throne... often found napping in his very own bedroom (where he often even gets brought breakfast in bed). 

belles buds ember.jpg


Ember's story is one you definitely want to hear! She is one of Belle's Buds proud Ambassadors!

On July of 2019 Ember was saved by fire fighters... owners said they didn’t want her (shortly after lighting the apartment on fire!). One of the EMT/firemen is a friend of ours and asked BBR to help... she had a long road of recovery going through the hyperbaric chamber at Gulf Coast Vet... Thanks to GCVS, the Johnson Family and her amazing foster (and eventual adopter) Amy she is happily loving life!



Lissie was found loose in Eagle Lake with 5 dogs total... one was VERY friendly, the others were all pretty timid. We were able to catch them and they were all fostered out. Lissie and Lane the two rat terriers of the crew have been the most shy. Our amazing foster Paige and her family have been fostering Lissie and have made AMAZING progress with her and have agreed to be their forever sanctuary home as it'll take her lots of time to adapt to a new home. She's a dogs' dog and has become besties with their other Belles Buds adopted dogs!


Tinkerbell "Tink"

Tink was picked up from the shelter in Fort Bend County. Belles Buds pulled her from the shelter thinking she was either pregnant or full of worms. Well, turns out it was 120 hair ties! During the surgery, they also found out she has a hole in her heart. Her life expectancy was anywhere from six months to only a few years. Our amazing Belles Buds foster Ashley has taken her home as a Sanctuary Dog. 



Simba was an owner surrender because they couldn't care for his medical needs. He had an old injury in his hind and back that was causing him to chew his leg and tail raw. Our amazing foster agreed to take him in and we helped him with vetting including regular Lazer Therapy. He's recovered amazingly, walking great and loving his Fospice home thanks to Robbie!



This amazing old gal is Geo..
Her story is like so many.. Her elderly owners didn’t have a plan in place. So she and her dog siblings ended up in the shelter.. Thankfully Animal Rescue Kingdom got them out of the shelter.. her siblings have been adopted and we decided we want to give her a forever home here with us!! This girl is loving life on the Belles Buds Sanctuary especially her obsession of toys!

On May 25, 2023 our beautiful girl was laid to rest.


Uncle Spuds

Everyone loves Spuds! He was found "running" down a busy street when a biker started following him close behind to keep him from getting hit by a car. One of our Belles Buds supporter was passing by when they saw this and stopped to ask if he needed help. They called us and we agreed to help. 

He was covered in mange, the vet described him as a "Seven year old in a 15 year old body". 

He spent two more years happily living on the farm and we called him "Uncle Spuds" as he was the best uncle to all of our foster puppies! Unfortunately on February 12, 2021 he was laid to rest due to Prostate Cancer.  



Duncan.. He is handsome and independent but a total hoot! Due to some unfortunate circumstances led him to be homeless in his Senior years. He had been part of a family…We struggle to understand after all this time why he was let go.. We are so glad we were able to find and rescue him! Our amazing Belles Buds foster Korri has taken him in as a Sanctuary Dog to live out his Golden Years. 

Unfortunately the difficult decision to let him cross the Rainbow bridge was made and Duncan was laid to rest on May 18, 2023. Rest in Peace Duncan.



Gizmo was an owner surrender who neglected to properly care for him at his old age... he was in severe pain when we first got him, after his vet visit it was determined that he has bad lumbosacral junction in his lower back. With the help of StoneSide and lazer therapy he improved significantly. 

After a year of pain management he was then diagnosed with a mass tumor on his tongue and an ACL tear. Unfortunately the difficult decision to let him cross the Rainbow bridge was made on 4/25/2022. May our sweet Gizmo Rest in Peace. 

A handful of our "permanent" dogs need to be highlighted as well since they have been amazing troopers from the beginning. We often remind them, "we made room for you, you need to make room for the next guy/gal!" Here are a few of our amazing dogs that have loyally stayed by our side and helped us through the good and the bad!

panda salon.jpg


If you've met the gals at Belles Buds then you've surely met Panda... or "the fraud".... This girl is Tammy's sidekick! Anywhere she goes, Panda is at her side! She will steal everyone's heart and is always the star of the show!

mission blue bonnets.jpg


Mission... or Muffin... or "the Prospector"... just like Panda... If you've met the gals at Belles Buds then you've surely met Mission too! This girl is Julia's sidekick! Anywhere she goes, Missions at her side.. unless food is involved.. then she is YOUR bestfriend!



Lola was rescued from CAPS and one of Tammy's original dogs... she is often also referred to as "Daren" as her independent demeanor often reminds people of him. 

aayla young.JPG


Aayla was rescued out of the Third Ward with a severe case of Sarcoptic Mange. She was pretty much the "beginning" of when Julia & Danny started (independently) rescuing dogs pre-BBR... this was when they first started to realize the severity of stray dogs in the Houston area. 



Rosie was also rescued out of the Third Ward... this time a severe case of Demodex mange AND unsocialized timid behavior. She is the "shadow" at the Belles Buds Sanctuary as when strangers come near she often goes into hiding.  



Red lived on the "Sugar Hill Ranches" for years before Belles Buds was "born"... but he slowly adopted us! After years of building trust, BBR was finally able to catch him and get him neutered in 2020... and ever since then he realized "if you can't beat them, join them" because he sure has become Domesticated... he will now let anyone pet him and even more recently (November 2022) has finally decided going INSIDE the home is a-okay too!!!

On May 25, 2023 Red was laid to rest as his health was decreasing. He is now running free watching over the SugarHill!



Ruby aka "Baby" trophied as the hunter of the crew! Rescued the same time as Lola, has stuck by Tammy's side since the start. Accepting new fosters, puppies, even with her fake "devil smile"... she was a master of bringing home the gophers too!

Unfortunately we lost Baby December of 2022. You will be missed sweet girl... run free with Daren and Belle!



Julia's first dog since college stuck by her side and taught her so much over the years. Despite wanting to be numero uno he accepted all new fosters and pups with a big "sigh". As long as he got to swim in a pool, no matter the COLD weather, he was a happy carefree guy!

Sadly Bandit lost his battle to lung cancer April of 2022. 



The one who started it all! Belle had the most caring personality... won everyone's heart that crossed her path. She changed the lives of many people AND dogs who we lost December of 2017 and led Tammy & Julia in forming Belle's Buds Rescue by April of 2018. 

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